Please, Trader Joe’s, Buy the Old 125th Street Fairway Site for Your New Uptown Location

2 min readFeb 12, 2021

Like most New Yorkers, I was thrilled to hear that Trader Joe’s was coming to uptown Manhattan (though it was taking two years). But why, Trader Joe’s, are you going to put the new location alllllllll the way east at 121 West 125th Street?

The old Fairway, at 2328 12th Avenue, is the perfect location for the new uptown Trader Joe’s. It’s got what the other location has and more!

1. Space

Unlike the other location, this one has oodles and oodles of space. It is wide open for the company to create a landmark destination.

2. Infrastructure

The building is set up to accommodate the massive number of customers who would want to come to this store. Also, it would be a great source of jobs for the neighborhood.

3. Access to mass transit

The 1 Train stops nearby, and the bus line hits there as well and could be a final and first destination if the MTA so chooses.

4. Highway access

Anybody with a car will want to come to this Trader Joe’s. It’s also on the way home for a whole mess of people.

5. Parking

Though the company that bought the Upper West Side Fairway bought the parking lot of the old Fairway, there should still be some room for parking, which made buying a whole lot of groceries so much easier to schlep home.

6. Demand

Fairway Uptown was incredibly successful, which is why it’s surprising and sad that it closed down and the neighborhood lost such a valuable resource.


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