How Is That Loathsome Louis DeJoy Still Postmaster General?

Suzanne La
3 min readOct 19, 2021
Image courtesy of the Action Network

Board of Governors, It’s Time for Him to Go!

For far too long, Louis DeJoy, a corrupt Trump supporter who invests in the USPS’s competitors, has remained Postmaster General despite the fact that the Postal Service’s board of governors now consists of four Democrats, four Republicans, and a progressive Independent appointed by Biden.

DeJoy had worked diligently to destroy the post office:

  • obstructing mail-in voting
  • deliberately slowing down the mail by having mail-sorting machines dismantled, delaying delivery of goods, medicines, and financial instruments; and
  • raising prices

The USPS Office of Inspector General reports that operational changes imposed by DeJoy “negatively impacted the quality and timeliness of mail service nationally.”

No, the President Cannot Fire the Postmaster General

As I learned on Twitter, the president can’t fire the postmaster. Only the board of governors can, and with the recent appointment of three members by Biden, it’s time to make this happen!

Who Are the Members of the Board of Governors?

Of course, the board of governors consists of mostly a bunch of old white guys, but they need to do what’s best for the country and get rid of this partisan hack. As you can see, the former seditionist-in-chief really packed the board. The members are:

  • Ron A. Bloom (a Democrat, appointed by Trump, who is the chair)
  • Roman Martinez IV (a Republican, appointed by Trump, who is the vice-chair)
  • Robert M. Duncan (a Republican appointed by Trump)
  • John McLeod Barger (a Republican appointed by Trump)
  • Donald L. Moak (a Democrat appointed by Trump)
  • William D. Zollars (a Republican appointed by Trump)
  • Ron Stroman (a Democrat, appointed by Biden, who served as deputy postmaster general…
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