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For far too long, Louis DeJoy, a corrupt Trump supporter who invests in the USPS’s competitors, has remained Postmaster General despite the fact that the Postal Service’s board of governors now consists of four Democrats, four Republicans, and a progressive Independent appointed by Biden.

DeJoy had worked diligently to destroy…

Consider the Source . . . of the Funding of an Organization — Not Just Its Name

You would think that the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity would be a nice lefty institution — but think again! It is, in fact, a right-wing think tank whose primary focus is repealing the Affordable Care Act. …

Welcome to the Big Apple — and by the way, nobody calls it that. So don’t you either. So you’ve come to NYC with a car! Maybe you have a home with a driveway or assigned parking? But probably not. So you can get a space in a garage, right…

Irritable Voter Syndrome: Know the Facts

Irritable Voter Syndrome (IVS) is an increasingly common disorder. The documented incidence of this syndrome has increased considerably in recent times. Sufferers need a long-term management plan.

1) Nausea, headaches, insomnia
2) Eye irritation, ear soreness, and a bad taste in your mouth
3) Psychic pain, moral outrage, or Republican gloating in…

Suzanne La

(she/her) Think you’re registered to vote? Check! They seem to be purging the voter rolls in a most uneven manner!

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